I can't believe school is over! This has been a very loooooong and challenging year for us all! I am certainly going to miss all of you and PS 82 dearly. You guys better kick a$$ in 5th grade! I expect to see lots of awards next year at graduation! You know my google+ and email so keep contact!



Here is the video for our dance! This has all the parts.... PRACTICE


What did you think of today's trip?
Lol I already know who will say yes and no!
Here is the link to the musical that we are doing with Ms, Nancy. I will post videos of the steps VERY soon!

New Part of the Dance 5/20/2013
First Full Practice 
N.Y.C. Annie
Group 1
Group 2
Group 3

What is your favorite book and why? Please share since you already know mine!